3 Simple Tips to Prepare Your Home for a New Dog

If you’ve never adopted a pet before, it can seem overwhelming as you decide where to start. Our recommendation is to begin preparing your home at least a day before you adopt your new dog. That way, you can ensure your home is a safe and welcoming environment.

Keep reading to learn our three simple home prep tips for a new dog!

Start Pet-Proofing
Pet-proofing your home is a must before you come home with your new dog. This is as simple as hiding electrical cords to keep puppies and kittens from chewing on them, wrapping blind cords up higher to avoid entanglement, and ensure your food containers and trash cans are tightly closed.
It’s also important that you remove any plants that are toxic to animals, such as orchids, spider plants, air plants, money trees, and more.

Set Up Your Pet’s Safe Space
When your pet first comes home, it’s advised to keep them in one section of your home so that they don’t get overwhelmed. This can be a guest bathroom or bedroom. Dogs highly benefit from crate training, so consider adding a crate with comfy bedding to this space so that they start viewing it as their safe space.

Purchase Necessary Supplies
Lastly, it’s recommended to do all the shopping for your necessary pet supplies before your new dog comes home. Here are a few supplies to keep in mind:
- Collar
- Harness and leash
- Pet identification tag
- Different kinds of toys
- Poop bags
- Food and water bowls
- And more

The more you’re able to purchase before your new dog comes home, the less stressed you’ll be!

Start Off Your Journey of Pet Parenthood Right
By pet-proofing your home, purchasing supplies, and setting up a safe space for your new dog to retreat to, you’re already well on your way to becoming a responsible pet parent.

You’ll also want to make sure all of your family members are prepared for the new dog. For instance, teach young children on how to play gently.

It’s always recommended to take your new dog into the vet after adoption for microchipping and to ensure they’re not suffering from any underlying health issues. Schedule an appointment with us today!