Exercising Tips from Your Martinsville Veterinarian During the Summer

Summer has officially begun! The plan to have a relaxing and fun day at the park with your dog is ideal, so your Martinsville veterinarian wants to make sure that you’re prepared for a long day in the sun. No matter how much energy your dog has, or whether they’re big or small, it’s important for all pet owners to make sure that they have everything they need to protect their dog during these hot days. Check out some helpful tips that will keep your dog cool during the summer while having a fun-filled day.

Avoid Exercising in the Middle of the Day when It’s the Hottest Outside

While friends and family love soaking up the sun when it’s the warmest outside, your dogs may not feel the same. The heat and humidity get to them much faster than it would people, so they’re likely to get exhausted and overheated in a shorter amount of time.
When you want to exercise with your furry friend, try going for walks in the early morning or late evening. When the sun is coming up or going down, the temperature can drop drastically, bringing it to a comfortable temperature for your dog to be outside. If the sun is high and bright, try creating a walking path that has a lot of shade, so your dog has the time to relax and cool down.

Always Bring Water with You

Hydrating is important for everyone, including your dog! During any outdoor activity, your dog needs to hydrate after running around and playing with friends, family, and other furry buddies. There are also some parks that have water fountains, but make sure you have something for your dog for the ride home in case it’s a little longer than usual. It’s recommended to take a break every 15 minutes for some water.

Be Mindful of Hot Outdoor Surfaces like Concrete, Sand, or Other Walkways

You don’t always realize how hot the sidewalk can be because you have a pair of shoes on, but your dog doesn’t have that same luxury. If your walking surface is too hot for your feet, it’s certainly too hot for your dog’s! Another test is to put your hand on the surface and if it’s too hot for you to keep it there for five seconds, then your dog shouldn’t walk on it, either.
There are shoes made for dogs, but it can be tough for your pup to acclimate to something on their feet when they’ve gone years without them. You can try to get your dog used to their new shoes over time, ensure your dog is walking in the cooler grass, or take them for a walk later at night or early in the morning when the temperature is lower.
If you’re looking for more protective tips for your dogs during the summertime, give your Martinsville veterinarian a call today at (276) 656-0442 and we’ll be happy to help!