Protect Your Pet’s Overall Health on Halloween Night from Costume Additions


While Halloween is a fun-filled night of costumes and candies, parents are always on the alert to ensure the safety of their children as they go from house to house, collecting all their favorite treats. Despite being extra careful to protect their kids, pet owners may not be aware of the dangers their furry friends could face if they accidentally consume something or encounter any harmful products. Below, your Martinsville veterinarian discusses items that could seriously harm your pet during this spooky holiday.


Make-Up, Face Paint, and Other Cosmetic Products
Helping your child wear a scary or cute face to match their Halloween costume is a lot of fun, but it could be less fun if your pet comes in contact with these products. If you have a particularly lovable dog who loves to lick your face, be sure to keep them away from your children if they’re wearing any cosmetic products on their face.


While a majority of these products are not toxic to pets, it could still make your pet feel irritable and downright lousy if they’ve consumed a large amount of it. The safer solution is to simply keep your pets away by any means necessary.


Scary Masks
Of course, consuming any plastic or rubber masks would be extremely harmful to your pet, but this warning is more about their mental health. Your pet is familiar with your face, your expressions, and your overall features throughout their years, so if you wear a mask that distorts your features to something they’re unfamiliar with, they could be extremely scared, nervous, or aggressive. Don’t be surprised if your pet acts a little differently – they simply don’t recognize you!


Plastic Accessories
Some costumes simply aren’t complete without accessories, but these accessories aren’t always made to the best of their ability. If they’re loose or can easily break, your pet could get their paws on them and it may be dangerous if consumed. Whether it’s choking or digestive problems, this simply isn’t fun for all parties involved.


Your Martinsville vet wants our clients to have a wonderful Halloween night with their friends and family, but we also want to be sure that your pets are having a great time, too! If you have any questions or concerns, or would simply like to schedule an appointment, call today at (276) 656-0442.